The Reason for my Website

Over the past several years I have attempted to explain the ongoing political and social issues of our time to you in what I would like to call “Real Time.” That’s the process of knowing what the issue is and examining it with similar issues that happened in the past to determine a future result. A simple example would be to say the policies of the Obama Administration are based on the Idea of Keynesian Economics. It was the same policies of the Roosevelt Administration in the 1930’s. The results show that the Roosevelt policies prolonged the Depression rather than to stifle it. So it’s good reason to believe that the 2008 recession will be prolonged in much the same way as in the 1930’s. I’ve made predictions to you via mouth, but I never put it on record. Starting today, everything I say and predict will on the record.

On the record means on the record. Every post will stay and be archived so you can look back on my past statements. My intent is to put my money where my mouth and I will put my foot in my mouth if I wrong (but I’m mostly right even if you refuse to believe it). You will be able to comment on anything that I’ve said. (Please be clean with your comments.)

I will attempt to educate you on things that aren’t seemingly understandable. Some of you already ask me questions anyway. This is a way that you can ask me specific questions and you will get specific answers. I will write blogs about a questions if I receive multiple questions on the same topic. I will have links Articles, videos, and audio.

Finally, my goal is to be credible. I will not tell you anything that isn’t true. Everything I say to you will backed up by facts that you can see for yourself. I encourage you to learn these things for yourself. In today’s world you are overburdened with information. You also have your daily lives which consist of going to work and school, raising kids, and a range of other things. You don’t always have the time to decipher through all information you hear and see to find out if it’s true or not. I want to be your filter. Just come here.


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